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Guest Writing

Hello lovely readers.

After almost three years of this blog being a solo gig I am now trying something a bit different.

Following the example of Mick Jagger and why he performs with super talented back up singers:

‘Otherwise it would be a bit boring – it would just be me, me, me and a bit of Keith’. (1)

I have decided to open the blog up to guest writing. Well one writer at the moment. I have approached another but she hasn’t got back to me. You know who you are!

As of tomorrow Guest Writer number 1 is Alison Pavlovich. Alison teaches tax at Massey as did the OG of progressive tax thought Deborah Russell. Alison used to be important in the UK and now – for reasons that are beyond me – is doing a PhD.

More importantly she is cool, has views and agreed to a cameo appearance. So – dear readers – give her lots of clicks to make her feel loved and maybe she’ll come back.

If these tentative steps prove successful, I’d like to open the blog up more widely to viewpoints and authors that wouldn’t normally be heard. An ability to write and not take it all too seriously will be key. I would also be open to anonymous or pseudonym writing in particular cases. Tax knowledge is a given.

Yes that is all code – work with it.

As for me – I’ll still be here – doing my thing as often as I have to date. But now – I hope – you also get to hear other voices.

Hope you enjoy it.


(1) This comes from one of my truly favourite films in the whole entire world 20 Feet from Stardom. It is on Netflix. Team watch it now!

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