This blog is in two parts.

The first part from August 2016 to December 2017 covers my self described gap year where – among other things – I explored the idea of fairness in taxation. This ended with my appointment as Independent Advisor to the Tax Working Group which coincidentally explored the structure, fairness and balance of the New Zealand tax system.

I introduced myself originally in this post https://letstalkabouttaxnz.com/2016/08/19/do-you-know-who-i-am/

The second part starts in April 2019 with the functional end of my work for the Group. At this stage the intention is to revisit and discuss the issues surrounding the multinational tax debate and the policy responses to the international concern.

I am on Facebook https://www.facebook.com/Letstalkabouttaxnz/ and my Twitter handle is @Andreataxyoga.

Views wholly my own and absolutely NOT tax advice. Follow at your peril.

Andrea Black


5 April 2019


One response

  1. Hi Andrea
    Are the Panama/Paradise Papers are catching up with NZ?

    I’m a Kiwi with dual cit. (Dutch/NZ) and my partner is a NZer. We’ve been in Amsterdam a year and a half and are starting a small biz. We applied for a business account with ABN Amro, only to be turned down – because NZ is considered a “high risk money laundering country”. (Ironic from the Dutch, I know, haha.) Apparently this is a new rule that’s just come into force. Other countries on that list include Saudi, plus places no-one has heard of. WHAT?! It feels bad. I haven’t seen or read anything about this yet…

    PS love your blog, which I’ve just discovered – as well as SLF! Don’t get jelly, but I’m booked to see the Undertones in September! Feel free to drop me a line if you’re over this way and come and have a coffee in our new business!



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