Sparking Joy

Hello. How’s it going?

Thought I’d come back for a wee while.

Am currently on my hols. Tax Working Group gig appears to be over and have – I hope – put in my last bill. Contract got extended to June for any residual stuff but as there isn’t any residual stuff – I have effectively tagged out.

Have various ideas about what next but have decided for the next [insert time period here] I would Marie Kondo my energy.

And what is it that sparks joy in the life of your correspondent? International Tax and learning French.

No really.

The latter I haven’t done since 2016 and the former not since issues like ‘death as a rollover event’ dominated my tax brain.

And because I am a deeply relational individual you can all come with me. For international tax that is. French, probs, will be a more private pursuit.

So the blog is reopening for une période indéterminée.

The plan is mostly international tax but you might get other stuff.

Tax Working Group stuff is unlikely – see reference to contract – although there are some cinderella bits like Charities or the Tax Advocate or the Crown debt agency that have got lost in the CGT noise I might discuss further.

What you won’t get dear readers any more is the cartoons. At times sourcing those took as much time as writing the fricken blog post. Not a joy spark and so out.

And comments will still be moderated. Soz.

But otherwise. I’m back.



5 responses

  1. Barbara Curson

    Welcome back!

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  2. Chris Livesey

    Très bien ma amie.


  3. Katharine Moody

    Welcome back, Andrea – really enjoy the blog. I noticed this in the news the other day and wondered whether this type of civil prosecution under the Criminal Proceeds Recovery Act was a new initiative/precedent setting?

    The comment by the person being investigated: “What I’ve done is fine [regarding tax affairs], I’ve done it for 20 years and a lot of other people do it.” … is rather interesting!


    1. Thanks Katharine. Pretty sure that it is a new initiative. That expression resonated with me too as I have heard it over the years. Let’s hope their accountant has their professional liability insurance up to date.


  4. Good to see you are back.


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